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If we take the word desert or if we ask people about desert, most of them will tell desert is endless stretch of sand, hot,dry region ,no water because of no vegetation grows.

But actually speaking desert is a place it is completely different from other places like regions covered with forest and surrounded by hills. Desert can be a beautiful place for those who have studied it and those who have seen it.

I think desert is a place ,where we can see variety of people , animals, plants and those lives habituated to that place. Desert people are having their own culture, food style, way of living.

Camel is popularly known as ‘ship of desert’. People use camel for transportation purposes. Camel can drink water at one time and can store water for longer days. There are other animals we can see in desert. Plants also will grow in desert and cactus is a type of plant in desert.

Desert is also example for diversity in India. Desert is great plan of god in nature.


Patience is very important in our life.patience make people to achieve something in there life.evryone should have patience in there life.There is quote on patience’paper has more patience than the people’because people will get angry on simple things.